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New Music and Updates

By bandit | Nov 17, 2017

Hey yo! Long time no talk…..but we’ve been busy! We have a 3 track EP that’s almost complete and we finished working with Kizaba for his new album. Check out this track we produced with him called Elle. Some sweet grooves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnpsVyoiK3k

It's Been Awhile……….

By bandit | Apr 29, 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last bit……..life. We got some stuff in the works though and a few lil tidbits here for ya. First up is a remake Jay made of Neil Young’s Hey Hey, My My. Was up on soundcloud for a bit, but you know how they can be with…

Long Distance Rivals - Deez Nuts

Long Distance Rivals – Deez Nutz (Releasing on Traxsource November 2, 2015 through Emby)

By bandit | Oct 25, 2015

We’re excited for our new release to come out on Emby, November 2, through Traxsource.com! Stay tuned for updates and some special mixes and free giveaways! Check out a clip of the new track here:


By smokey | Jan 9, 2014

Our new single, We Could Be High, is #94 on Juno’s Top 100 Deep Chart!


By smokey | Dec 8, 2013

New LDRivals facebook page https://t.co/V2D8Z1YBJa