Long Distance Rivals

 Everybody knows Canada
is just French for Chicago.

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Our Music

Long Distance Rivals - Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts - Original Mix

Label: Emby - S083
Released: 2015-11-02

Phat Pants - Original Mix

Label: Emby - S066
Released: 2015-07-06

We Could Be High

Label: Frosted Recordings - 003
Released: 2015-11-02


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Recent Mixes

Sebastien – Requiem of Summer

By smokey | Sep 13, 2016


Sebastien – French Chicago – 2016 House Mix

By smokey | Aug 13, 2016


Sebastien – The Bend (Jackin House Mix)

By smokey | May 6, 2016


Jay Vasseur – House Saladcast 270

By bandit | Oct 26, 2015

Super pumped to be on House Salad Music this week! Check out my new house mix yo! Special thanks going out to Emby for all their hard work and for releasing such great music! A lil self-plug there for us, but this mix features some other great tracks from Emby with artists such as Greenbay…

Long Distance Rivals – Jackin' With Your Mom (July 2015 Promo Mix)

By bandit | Jul 3, 2015

New mix of some of our favorite jams and releases. Dropped our new track Phat Pants, coming out on Emby July 6 and spOOnfed’s great remix of our track We Could Be High. To start things off we dropped Jay’s Get On Down track on Frosted Recordings. Check it! Tracklist: Jay Vasseur – Get On…

Mix: Jay Vasseur – 50 Shades of House (April 2015 Jackin House Mix)

By smokey | Apr 16, 2015

New mix of some Jackin House and lil of everything else house. Enjoy!