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Long Distance Rivals

New Music and Updates

By bandit | Nov 17, 2017

Hey yo! Long time no talk…..but we’ve been busy! We have a 3 track EP that’s almost complete and we finished working with Kizaba for his new album. Check out this track we produced with him called Elle. Some sweet grooves!

Track Of The Day – Demuir – Lady In Fishnets

By bandit | Sep 30, 2016

One of the grooviest and original bumping jams I’ve heard in awhile. Can’t wait for this to come out on October 7…Check it and buy this shit when it drops and play it out!

Track Of The Day – Jam Funk – Feeling you(DJ Nic-E's Feel Me Mix)

By bandit | Jun 10, 2016

Awesome remix by DJ Nic-E of Jam Funk’s Feeling You, out on promo on Krome Boulevard Music. Great track to start a set off or keeping things groovy and light. Another great track by Nic-E is called How Many Out There Know, that is still in my box and played often. Cheers!

Track Of The Day – Ziggy Phunk – Fabulous Boogie

By bandit | May 29, 2016

Got another jam that is making my day! Here’s a track to make your Sunday a lil more phunky! Love it!

Track Of The Day – Igor Krsmanovic – Pophero

By bandit | May 24, 2016

Played this out over the weekend and people dug the shit out of it. It’s got a kinda billy jean drum groove. Really simple and really effective on the floor. Check it!

Track Of The Day! Demuir – Pork and Mustard At Lil Jim's

By bandit | May 16, 2016

This is so bumpin makes me wanna jump back and kiss myself. On promo now over at traxsource on Nite Grooves Label. Check it, buy, love it and play it for others!

Track Of The Day

By bandit | May 6, 2016

Simon Adams – What Do You Want For Nothing (Angelo Ferreri Mix) Once again, 2 of my fav producers have teamed up together and made some Jackin Magic! Check it out as it’s freshly released today over at Traxsource.com! This shit is tight in all the right spots!

Veev – Sunnyvale

By bandit | May 4, 2016

New jam by local Maritimer Veev! He’s brought the heat on this old jam and dusted it off and giving it a fresh breath of air. Veev has been on fire these last few years and this track certainly doesn’t disappoint. If ya haven’t heard it yet, give it a spin and if ya like…

Track Of The Day – Topa – Tellin' Me (Cruise Music)

By bandit | Jan 20, 2016

Just checked this out and some straight fire from Topa! This guy just keeps pumping out jam after jam. He’s on the right path with this one! Check it!

Track of the Day – GIOC – Floating (TLGC Jack Mix)

By smokey | Nov 27, 2015

This is a deep and groovy track from Brazilian producer GIOC on 294 Records. Find GIOC on Soundcloud