Long Distance Rivals

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Track Of The Day – Mark Farina – C'Mon Playa(Original Mix)

By bandit | Nov 13, 2015

Everybody knows….Canada is just French for Chicago!!! TUNE!!!

Track Of The Day – Greenbay Jackers and Housego – Grey's Theme

By bandit | Oct 30, 2015

New track from Greenbay Jackers and Housego making the rounds! This track is oozing with the vibes with a sweet jackin beat. Check iton promo over at traxsource.com !

Long Distance Rivals - Deez Nuts

Long Distance Rivals – Deez Nutz (Releasing on Traxsource November 2, 2015 through Emby)

By bandit | Oct 25, 2015

We’re excited for our new release to come out on Emby, November 2, through Traxsource.com! Stay tuned for updates and some special mixes and free giveaways! Check out a clip of the new track here:

Track Of The Day – Basic Principle Feat. Riz – Now

By bandit | Sep 6, 2015

New one coming out on Borrowed. This label never disappoints and is spot on once again! Nothing crazy going on, but that groove is killer! Check it!

Track Of The Day – Demuir – Oxtail Funk(Original Mix)

By bandit | Jul 19, 2015

This shit is solid through and through. Demuir telling you how it is from the DJ’s perspective. It’s all about Jackin House Maufakas!!!!

Track Of The Day – Disk Nation – Saxophonists

By bandit | Jul 11, 2015

I always enjoy dropping a well placed sax track in a set and this is a def new fav of mine. Sitting nicely in the top 100 Jackin House section of Traxsource.com at the moment on promo. Check it out, if that is your thing.

Track Of The Day – Inland Knights – I Think Of You

By bandit | Jun 25, 2015

Only thing shitty about this track is that it’s only out in September. Inland Knights and Drop Music!!! 3 more tracks to come as well. Can’t wait!

Track Of The Week: Kinky Movement – Supa Fly

By bandit | Jun 12, 2015

So good……It’s track of the week!

Mix Of The Day – DJ Dan(Tribute To James Brown Mixtape1993)

By bandit | Jun 12, 2015

Classic DJ Dan mixing….One of the main reasons we DJ is because of this man. Keep it Funkeh!

Track Of The Day: Simon Adams & Stefano Mango – Look At You(Guesthouse Music)

By bandit | May 23, 2015

Simon Adams has been releasing some of my favorite tracks over the last year. Always has a solid house groove and wicked blues/soul based vocals. New track just came out on Guesthouse Music, which is one of my favorite labels as well. Can’t go wrong really here. Check it!